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The electricity produced by your panels is Direct Current (DC – like you would find in a battery). In order for you to use this power around the home, we have to convert (Invert) it into useable Alternating Current (AC).


An inverter carries out this function and every kilowatt of output is then passed through an Ofgem Approved Generation meter. It’s this reading, taken 4 times a year, which determines the tariff that you’ll get paid by your electricity provider.


Shading to a solar array will reduce it’s performance. In a standard string setup, the system will only perform as well as it’s weakest link. If one panel is in shade from a tree or a chimney, the other panels’ output is diminished. There are a couple of solutions around this and we are able to offer both options, Solar Edge and Enphase:



SolarEdge (click logo)

This system combines individual power optimisers (connected to each panel) with a web connected reporting and monitoring system. On your own unique portal, you can view the performance of each individual panel either on a computer, tablet or smart phone.


The system offers:


Increased energy yield compared to the traditional inverter system, safety from high DC voltages during AC outages and peace of mind to be able to monitor the PV system anytime, anywhere in order to guarantee optimal operation





Enphase (click logo)

This system consists of individual micro-inverters attached to each panel. The DC produced is inverted immediately and the AC electricity is then fed into the property via a generation meter and a web connected communication gateway called Envoy.


The Enphase Envoy connects every module and microinverter of an Enphase system to the Enphase Enlighten monitoring and management software. The Enphase Envoy Communications Gateway collects performance data from your microinverters and transmits that data, via the Internet, to the Enlighten website where you can monitor your system online. The Envoy also performs microinverter software updates to your system as and when required.

Getting the most from your system

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