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If you don’t use the energy you generate, it gets sent to the National Grid automatically.

There are several ways of utilising that electricity rather than losing it. If you already have a solar system installed, we can retrofit the leading brands of switches that divert surplus kw into your immersion circuit to heat your domestic hot water (obviously you’d need to still have your hot water cylinder to benefit from this). If you install one of these units at the same time as your new solar panel system, you will make savings on installation costs as we are already on site.


We fit Solar iBoost, Solic200 and Immersun and they all work in fairly similar ways: the system senses how much electricity you are generating and then compares this with the amount of power your house is consuming at that time. If you are generating more than thge house is drawing, it automatically diverts the surplus into your existing immersion circuit, This heats up your domestic hot water for free and so enabling you to benefit from even more savings, this time from your gas bill!


Just call us and ask our advice on which option would be more suitable for you. They start from £265.00 installed into your existing immersion power supply and will soon pay from themselves!











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