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uPVC windows without the haggling

By Rick Robinson at JLeaf, Apr 7 2015 07:48PM

I have never understood why companies in the replacement window and door industry still treat customers like naive idiots. Sharp sales techniques honed in the 1970's and 1980's have no place in modern selling (and let's be honest, they had no place in the 70's and 80's either!) Many companies still attempt to 'drop close' (reducing the price from a ridulously inflated level so as to incentivise a sale).

I spoke to someone last week who had even experienced the "let me phone my manager for a better sign-on-the-night-price!"

Lordy, do they think we are all so gullible that we'd fall for that? Unfortunately some trusting folks still do and you don't easily get a second chance to remedy a bad decision made under duress.

I was once told by a typical salesman that "It's a numbers game: for every 100 doors you knock on; telephone calls you make; people that you stop in the shopping centre; there is a recognised return on the tactic"." Sure, it may only be a 1% return but 'it's a numbers game', right? The more contacts you have the more business you get....."

Hmmn, I have a better definition of 'a numbers game'. What about the 99% of people that don't fall for it? The 99% of people that find the tactic insulting at best? What about the 99% of people who would rather make an informed decision based on the detail and clarity of information that is presented to them? 99% of people would rather build up a relationship first with a company that they know, like and trust.

After all, it's usually a one-off decision and there's significant cost involved so it's important to get it right.

The 99% are my numbers, the numbers that I'd rather work with, any day of the week: 99% vs 1% - it's a no brainer.

Get to know a company and the people that represent it. Always feel in control and run a mile if you spot any of these tactics:

* Special prices only available on the night (sorry but even the price of crude oil won't affect the price of your windows between now and next week!)

* Insisting upon both partners to be present (so they can force a decision on you)

* Unwilling to give you a comprehensive proposal in writing so you can see exactly what you get for your money

If you have been put off by the thought of any of this, take comfort from the fact that the owner of this company has been an owner and director of a manufacturing company in the industry since 1991. He has built a multi-million pound business by treating people with respect and appreciating that when they follow their instincts, they will make the right decision when the time is right for them, and not a moment sooner.

99%. That's a much more civilised numbers game!

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