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By Rick Robinson at JLeaf, Mar 31 2015 09:15AM

31st March 2015

Wowser! 60mph gusts in Manchester and Cheshire today!

Yes, most household insurance policies will cover this damage. Look here: http://faqs.directline.com/help/home-insurance/solar-panels

If you've had storm damage to your solar panels, your entire system output and tariff payments will reduce.

Most solar installations are string inverter systems (where panels are connected in series like Christmas tree lights). The entire string of panels will only perform as well as the weakest link i.e. damaged or shaded panel. It's important to identify that weakness and resolve it as soon as possible to minimise the amount of kilowatts lost. Lost kw is lost income from your tariff.

We specialise in assessing damage, identifying panels that need replacing, sourcing and re-commissioning your system to get you back up and running in no time.

We can also replace a faulty inverter by working with the manufacturer on a swop out basis.

We can help, call us 0161 408 2401

By Rick Robinson at JLeaf, Mar 20 2015 07:05PM

Solar Energy is regarded as being limitless but today in Europe, the solar eclipse caused disruption to the generation of electricity that relies on the sun as it's energy source.

In the UK, solar arrays generate the equivalent of between 8 and 10 gas fired power stations and so thge N ational Grid had to have a backup plan to cover the shortfall. Thankfully, the eclipse only lasted a few minutes and no disruption to the energy supply was felt by the consumer.

The good news for the solar industry and its customers is that the next one isn't due until 2090........

If you would like to experience the freedom and delights of generating your own electricity, call us for a quotation.

By Rick Robinson at JLeaf, Mar 20 2015 06:48PM

Feed-in tariffs explained

What is a feed in tariff?

This is a Government initiative to encourage uptake of investment in solar panels. These systems generate electricity and you get paid for every kW regardless of whether you use it in your home or automatically send it back to the National Grid

Why do they reduce?

Solar panel installations in Stockport, Wilmslow, Handforth and Cheadle, Cheshire areas

Beating the Feed In Tariff cuts with Solar Panel installation

A Government subsidy is designed to kick start interest in a particular initiative and solar panels have been fitted to over half a million properties in the UK so far. Once uptake is established, the reduction policy (known as digression) was always planned to apply to the solar panel industry is brought into effect.

How much will the tariff reduce by?

The tariff currently pays 13.88 pence for every kilowatt that you produce (shown on a meter that is installed with your panels). For all installations registered with your power supplier after 31st March 2015, this rate drops to 13.39p

How much will that mean to me in real terms?

A typical 4kw (usually 16 panel) installation, facing South on a 30 degree pitched roof in the South Manchester, Stockport or Cheshire area will typically produce 3,500kw per year. The net result of this cut will mean that you will receive about £17.50 per year less. It doesn’t sound a lot but when you multiply that by the number of years that the tariff scheme pays you – 20 years – (plus it increases with inflation) then you may well find that you are over £400 worse off over the life of the scheme

What can I do to take full advantage of current rates?

We still have some installation slot availability before the rate cuts. Call us on 0161 408 2401 and we can arrange to call out and survey your home for solar panel suitability.

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